One-hundred-and-fifty years have passed since the first one to climb Cervino, however this year was not only that anniversary but also the year of Expo and internationalization. In front of this however, some scandals occurred, liked no others, between cracks and real life affairs world-wide, emerged that which did not live in the reflections of events but in between violence, betrayal and corruption.
Why unify all of these things? The reason is simple. More than a century ago (and Cevinia admirably remembers those events) the challenge of conquest for Cervinia in precarious conditions has shown the determination of the people, their sacrifice, their humanity, their ideals, the respect for nature from simple men which shows their vast grandeur, visions, values, and will. In order to follow a dream they have conducted their heart and body towards a daring goal, which brought with it a piece of all those who with trepidation and dismay achieved the undertaking.
The mountain, and nature in general, does not accept compromises. They cannot be alleviated. Those who face them, have within their eyes respect and fear because it is within victory of one’s own limits that courage exists. With purity, with sense of effort, with awareness that only the most agile and prepared (in spirit and mind) can achieve.
Then we turn around, towards the Valley, towards the city. We see abandoned assets, Lands still divided where monuments of illegality reside, where civic ignorance promptly dominates.

… it is within victory of one’s own limits that courage exists.


Every individual crops a personal space where self-interest is what is profitable and beneficial.
We preach to look out for the youth, the new generations but families, most of them, retreat from their own responsibilities, confiding in others to put legitimate boundaries which, when they do exist, don’t support, but rather provoke reactions against authority, in an exclusively egotistic optic.
We read about teens that during class, use the web to ridicule classmates and teachers. If the school punishes, many parents however, argue with the most absurd and inventive excuse, defend their children.
If we could only send back time we could notice maybe that those men who climbed Cervino, in comparison to these “adolescently mischiefs”, they would find parents that, without doubting the teacher’s authority, took educative measures, putting together their own and the teacher’s punishments.
We are preparing ourselves daily for the future. We are truly sure that even though technology is widely spread, like GPS, and the most high-performing accessories, we are truly preparing the hearts, minds, and ethical determination of the next generation for the best? With Cervino, with nature, and with life you may put up a bluff but the game mustn’t last too long because our bluff will be put to light, in fact not much time is remaining.