Forte di Bard, the gate of Valle d’Aosta

The Forte di Bard is an imposing military structure built in the first half of the 19th century, at the top of a cliff at the entrance to the Aosta Valley. Thanks to an intensive restoration, the fortress is now a cultural and tourist centre, home to museums, international exhibitions, events, information services and state-of-the-art reception.

The distinctive feature of the Fort in its present form are the modern architectural structures capable of fusing military installations and new technologies. The fortress appears also on the big screen, chosen in 2014 by the Marvel production company to set up some scenes of the colossal Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Forte di Bard

Inside, there are four permanent museum spaces, starting with the brand new Ferdinando Museum, dedicated to Fortifications andBorderlands, offering an engaging journey through the evolution of defensive techniques, siege strategies, and the concept of frontier. The Museum of the Alps is the heart of the museum’s museum program, a virtual journey in time and space for discovering the universe of the Alps.

The Alps of the Kids offers an interactive route entirely dedicated to a younger audience, where children can try a fun and exciting virtual ascension to Mont Blanc through various practical activities. A playful approach to the mountaineering world to learn how to safely face a mountain climb.

The story of Forte di Bard is revealed in the Prisons. The cells host a historic itinerary that guides the visitors to discover the history of the military site for centuries of strategic transit. Through impressive 3D movies, documents and reconstructions, visitors can learn about the architectural evolution of the fortress and get to meet the characters that have marked the main historical events from the year 1000 to its reconstruction in 1830, to the present day.

The Fort is also home to great art and photography exhibitions throughout the year. Inside the Fort you can have a pleasant break at the tables at the Gola Cafeteria, which offers cold dishes, cold meats and cheese from Valle d’Aosta or enjoy traditional menus in the La Polveriera Restaurant and shop in the elegant Bookshop and the boutiques of Passage du Fort. The Hotel Cavour et des Officiers is open in the Opera Carlo Alberto offering 11 exclusive rooms for a truly special stay in the walls of the fortress.


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