Grolla and Coppa dell’amicizia

Two excellencies of Aosta valley craftsmanship.
Be careful not to confuse them.


Several pointed spires get ahead in the middle of many artistic and decorative incisions. A persisten wooden perfume accompaines your smell and the enchanting taste of coffe will conquire your senses and put you in a blissing athmosphere.

The traditional Grolla from Aosta Valley is a traditional object a condensed of history and traditions. Its tell about mountain valley and veillà but also mistery. Many people call it also graal.

In according with ancient tradition the Grolla is a chalice used to drink with friends: the steam was pass hand by hand and every people pronunciate bodes well words to friends invocate God and good fortune. In according with this important roule the Grolla was used only in very unique occasions, was guarded in safe pleace and  handed down from father to son.

To carve a Grolla they use a lathe and work on maple or walnut wood beacuse those are able to conserve a very intense smell and are also very permebile and porous. Some Grolla are object collector’s object because are very artstic and full of decorations. Somethimes People from Aosta Valley uses Grolla as a thophy to award the winner of various competitions.

Drink from the Grolla in shifts is a good behaviour to strengthen relationship with our friend or collegue or parents. Grolla is salso the protagonist of a folk game Candyland – like called “Gioco della Grolla” where the steam is instead the goose. It’s a very important and educational game focused on cultur, geography and traditions of Aosta Valley.


Is you wanna to your friends a very rapresentative and traditional object fromthis land Grolla is what you are looking for and don’t forget: to give a Grolla to a Friend means to give him love and abundance and to seal your relationship.

But pay attention to a very important difference: Grolla is not Coppa. The Coppa dell’Amicizia (coupe de l’amitié) is pretty similar with meaning and value of Grolla but is completely different by the shape: Coppa is lower and larger than Grolla and looks like a wood casing wih minimum 2 nozzle. Now you just have to fill Grolla or Coppa with the amazing taste of Caffè alla Valdostana and enjoy relaxing and convivial moment with your friends.