Those who arrive at Breuil-Cervinia, coming from Valtournenche, can’t miss the splendid clear lake called “Lago Bleu”.

lago blue cervinia

Legend says that where the crystal water reflects the majestic Matterhorn, once upon a time was a modest house, inhabited by shepherds.
One cold night a wanderer saw the little home, and knocked to ask them for shelter, a polite boy answered the door and allowed him in. Just a little while after the boy’s father arrived home, and upon seeing the stranger, enraged he threw the old man out of the house, and decided to punish the boy’s recklessness by sending him out into the woods to get some wood. In tears the boy went, and after some hours returned home, but while picking up his head he noticed that their hut was gone, his whole family sat crying on the banks of that blooming lake.
The ancient legend teaches the value of hospitality and warm welcome, principle pillars for the people of Aosta Valley.