Cervino Ski School: wishing for snow!

It was January, 1936, and they were building the first cableway which from Cervinia brought to Plan Maison. The cableway was opened August 2nd of the next year, however that very winter five Valtournenche masters had decided that it was time to open a SKI SCHOOL, considering as well the new road opened in Breuil in 1935. In years immediately prior to that, they participated in the first master courses organized by FISI. Later on in 1936, those same masters, Giulio Bich, Jean and Daniele Pellissier, Ernesto Pession, and Ronaldo Zanni gave life to a partnership destined to become a firm point in the community of Cervino valley, and today still this partnership has an important role in Breuil. With them there was the national team’s then coach Leo Zertanna, which is another important name in the ski world, he did however immediately have a marginal role. Back then the school was at a “national” level, as FISI classified it.


… five Valtournenche masters had decided that it was time to open a ski school…

At the beginning the school treasured the experiences of the Pellissier brothers, and Ernesto Pession at Sestriere, at the court of Hans Noble (along their side was also Ottone Bron from Courmayeur, and a very famous Valtournenche guide Luigi Carrel, also know as “il Carrellino“, who never became a master effectively).

The ski school and all of Valtournenche had a great development from the moment the Plateau Rosa cableway of 1939 was built, the construction was interrupted only during the war (the school how be it never closed), but then vigorously continued during the 50’s. Many names of important masters were pinned on the emblem Cervino School’s uniform, e.g. Achille Compagnomi, or the multi-medal winning Olympian Giuliana Minuzzo; just as many, were famous clients of the school (from Aga Kahn to Gina Lollobrigida, from Renato Rascal to Vittorio Gasman). Between all of the different masters, one must remember Mike Bongiorno, the only non master to have received a title from the ski school as “Honorary Master“.


However times have changed, those who have lived in the ski world the last twenty years have probably picked up on this; the constant and growing presence of foreign clients and the economic crisis of the last few years have imposed ski schools to become modern organizations and to be “with the times”.Even the Cervino School has adapted to today’s needs, however maintaining the bond with its roots and taking advantage of its 80 year experience of snow and turns.
Through four generations of masters and students, today those who go to the Cervino School can find five offices located in different strategic areas of the town, where six different languages are spoken, they may also find a ski school slope, and a playground dedicated to the children, a rental store for high quality ski equipment carefully selected by the master, and starting from this year another store will be opened which will sell the apparel of a famous Italian sportswear brand.

This is a well-rounded offer with tour operators, and a modern and welcoming establishment available for private clients.

This is what the school represents, a way to better itself, and constantly offer more to its clients, maintaining unaltered its foundational spirit of 1936.