Alpage Soup

Contemporary reinterpretation of a Traditional Dish from Valle d’Aosta

ICO-SX Ingredients ICO-DX

Toasted Black and White bread;
Stewed Cabbage;
Fontina Dop;
Beef Broth;
Clarified Butter;

ICO-SX Preparation ICO-DX

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Butter the oven dish, lay in the dish slices of black and white bread, add stewed cabbage, cover it all with slices of fontina, add a hint of clarified butter, add broth, and put the dish in the preheated 200 degrees Celsius oven for circa 15 minutes.


The Alpage Soup is a revisitation of Valpellinentze soup, a poor dish from the Aosta Valley gastronomic traditions, it is prepared for Christmas. Its name takes its origin from the place where the recipe was created: the Valpelline.

The basic ingredients are: slightly stale bread, verzo cabbage, meat broth, fontina and butter. To prepare it does not take much time and the result is very tasty, perfect as a Christmas dish, when the whether has become rather chilly and the snow has whitened the roofs of the houses.

ICO-SX Where to eat ICO-DX

Ristorante Alpage

Restaurant Alpage

Only 2km from downtown Cervinia, you may arrive at Alpage restaurant, opened in 2008 to create what was once only an idea of a dynamic family called Barmasse, to offer tourists a welcoming environment where they may taste different typical traditional dishes while immersed in the green of the meadows which surround Lake Blue.

The typical menu reviewed, combined with a wine cellar with renowned labels of Italiand and Aosta Valley brands, these will delight you during the summer and winter. Alpage is also life at open doors, and free fun at the only handling near Cervino.
For the special occasion of 150th anniversary colorful and casual handcrafted bracelets were made: great to give to your loved ones to bring a piece of Valoutnenche history.


Tel.: +39 334 809 4201
Chef Alpage Soup
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