Thousands of years ago the Majestic Matterhorn was born.. Most of its history is lost in the depths of time, only living on through tales about it. It is reborn through true stories, it lies untouched in its fairytales. Then, the advertisement of the ’40s transformed it into a famous icon.
Here is how it lived under the spotlight, showing off its best side to the cameras of big tv personalities.


…What if advertisent didn’t exist…

It was July 14th 1865, the day when someone looked into my eyes for the first time. I’ll never forget that feeling.

Audacious, courageous and serious men tried in vain to defeat gravity and the forces of Eolus. One after another, over the course of the years, failed. I do not remember the names or fame of those little yet worthy creatures whom, pulling themselves upward, were able to look down on 4478 meters of mass, that which I call “home”. They felt like they were the “first” but maybe they ignored the fact that many years ago my slopes were luxuriant and popular, filled with bushes who greeted the stars. My name is Mons Silvanus. Let’s be clear: I like the name Cervino. Matterhorn is certainly more martial. But we aren’t here to chat about names. Rather of fame. My fame. Many drawings and paintings talk about me, you can find tons of them, but what entertains me are the ads, the fact of being known. In the ’40s I started my rise to fame. According to creative souls, I represented the whole Italy: I’m the most recognizable Mountain in the World.
I’ll let you imagine what an honor that was for me, stone highlander, to be chosen as a spokesman. I could tell you “humans” that those biscuits, that chocolate, and even that Grappa, if combined with my “Good Side”, was a guarantee for “Italian quality and authenticity”. Then down came our cuisines from beyond the Alps, the Swiss, those to whom I show the most pointed spur of Europe. They too wanted my emblem for their best products. But don’t be jealous! I have four good sides… if you were staring down on me and didn’t know I was a mountain, I would look like a pyramid to you!

And what about the wool? Have you ever tried on a sweater weaved with the  amazing wool yarns named like my beloved Cervinia? Cervinia, my darling, earlier baptized as Breuil (swamp), she attracted the most exclusive directors and actors who filmed “Big ski – slalom for a big robbery”. “Nia” and  laughed abundantly. I could keep going on and on and tell you thousands of adventures, maybe even millions of them. However, what I care about the most are the intentions of those who look into my eyes.

Listen carefully, someone once upone a time told me: “the Mountain can lower itself to please the visitor, but it will elevate the one who chooses to get to know her”. The choice is yours.

Mons Silvanus