Between Antique and Modern

By Riccardo Castellaro

Renato Molinaro is an IT expert from Vercelli with a house in Cervinia. He’s not a ski teacher, nor a former athlete. But in his spare time is a valid ski artist. Since few years in his workshop he decided to exploit his amazing wood manufacturing skills to create authentic works of art: very modern skis, with flexible sizes and shapes with the same premium quality as the top brands on the market. With just one detail: they’re made of wood. Proper wood. Durmast, cherry wood, larch and many other wood essences combined with expertise and wisely mixed to obtain the best performance in terms of flexibility, twisting and fluency.

Renato matches wood with layers of modern materials such as carbon and linen fibres, to obtain extraordinary results, especially in terms of weight against performance conferring the ski a very light weight.

Some of the ski teachers of Cervino ski school tested Renato ski hand decided to include them in their renting facilities. Future projects? A very light mountaineering ski able to combine lightness and superior ski performance.

We’ll keep you posted!