XXII Edition Trophy Mezzalama

Return to April 27th the two-year ice marathon. Departure from Breuil – Cervinia center

 On April 27, 900 athletes will compete in one of the most technical and fascinating races in ski mountaineering. The MEZZALAMA TROPHY is back. This historic race was born in 1933 to celebrate Ottorino Mezzalama, an unforgettable figure of the national ski mountaineering. The “Marathon of the Glaciers” acquired accolades in 1997 and, with a length of 45 km and a total elevation gain of 3,500 meters, it has become the circuit of “La Grande Course”.

Mezzalama 2019: the race with 3 “4000m peaks”

The race will take place on April 27th (in case of bad weather on April 28th or May 4, 5), is one of the most coveted events by the ski mountaineers all over the world. The main story is told  by Giorgio Pession, Vice – President of the Mezzalama Trophy Foundation. “The 300 registered teams of three athletes each, will start, for the first time in history, from the heart of Cervinia. It will be an exciting time involveing the whole country: runners and the public. After running a few meters with skis on backpacks, the athletes will arrive at Campetto Cretaz and from there will begin the real challenge. The “Mezzalamisti” will ski back towards  Plain Maison and then again along the groove of Theodulo to reach the  Theodolo Hill (from where the 30’s and 70’s editions started) and finally arrive to Plateau Rosà and then re-connecting to the classic track of modern era. A significant innovation that reaches back to the origins –Theodulo Hill – on one hand and breaks with the recent past on the other which for years had seen the Ventina track as the primary circuit. The climb will be more competitive and performance oriented, therefore we postponed more than 30 ‘ the maximum journey times to the first gate. ” The organizational machine that is set in motion for this biennial event is mammoth, tells Pession. “Keep it in complete safety”. They run at considerable heights, just think of the 4226 meters of Castore Mountain or what about the 4100meters of  the Naso del Lyskamm“. But the real novelty of the 2019 edition will be a third 4000m peak. Instead of starting the descent to Gressoney immediately after crossing the Naso, from an altitude of 3900m the athletes will hike up again on their skis towards the Col de Lys as far as the Roccia della Scoperta-Rock of Discovery (4177 m). As in the 1978 edition of the Mezzalama, we want to commemorate the feat of seven mountaineers from Gressoney who first reached this rocky outcrop emerging from the glaciers between the Aosta Valley and the canton of Valais in 1778.

The highest Ski Mountaineer history in the World

The MEZZALAMA THOPHY combines the spirit of a marathon with the love for the ski mountaineering, Those with removable bindings and the use of “sealskins.” The glaciers over which they will traverse involve most peaks of the Monte Rosa massif and connect Cervinia to Gressoney. A race-defined event “classic” because it was born in ’33, when the first ski resorts were unveiled. An unprecedented sport commitment that until the ’38 saw playing over 6 consecutive editions that tested the track. Then it started again with four editions between 1971, and 1978. The 1975 edition earned the 1st World Championship of Ski mountaineering. It was in  1997 that marks the year in which, every 24 months without fail, the race begins.