Esprit Carrel, the Scent of Conquest

In 2019, after 3 years of tests, was born the eau de parfum line dedicated to the mountains, to the reach of the most rugged and challenging peaks, to the courage of unforgettable men.

It is the heirs of Marcello Carrel, an alpine guide of Valtournenche, with experience in all continents, who signed a project that speaks directly to the hearts of visitors who love Cervinia, the Cervino and Valtournenche.

The brand new Esprit Carrel tells, through two unique essences, the adventurous life of the man who lived the mountain at 360°, taking part to dangerous expeditions and coming back home with the soul forged by the challenges won and a backpack full of memories and essences that served as a springboard for the stories that heated up the Veillà.

Those stories, still today, are handed down by the family of Irene Berthod and Stefano Carrel who have condensed them into two evocative fragrances, distilled by the artisan company Villa Butti. VETTA recalls the most “masculine” part of the mountain, the scent of musk, stones, water and the intimate relationship between man and rock.

CERVINO, on the opposite, is a hymn to the nice season, to the approach to the mountain to climb. It is a walk in the woods with hints of gentianella, rhododendron and edelweiss.

The line is completed by four room scenters and four scented candles (La Capanna, Scala Jordan, Chateau des Dames, Aria di montagna): those who spend a holiday here will then have the chance to take home the fragrance of Cervino, to enjoyed on their way back to the city.

And an additional pampering consists in the delicious chocolates and full-bodied wines signed by Esprit Carrel: a delight for proper explorers.

Available at Berthod Sport-Patagonia in Cervinia