Practical guide for shops on the highest pedestrian street in Europe. Here you find the best of fashion at high altitude.

The brisk air, the sublimely beautiful view, and the Matterhorn’s grandeur follow your footsteps. Poetry covers your stroll around Breuil-Cervinia. Whether it’s winter, when snow softly covers your hats, or whether it’s summer, when the sun seems to never set, dedicating a few hours to shop is a way to discover the amount of offers reserved for tourists “portion 2050”. In the midst of sports stores and equipment rental shops, you will find yourself being star-struck.


MINOTAURUSThe first shop windows that capture your attention will be those of MINOTAURUS. Entering this jewel you will see metro charm mixed with “casual – bon ton” style, all you have to do to find this place is follow the staircase dressed in red. You are just a few steps away from the latest Total Look offers for Men, Women, and Children, here they are brought to light in your presence. Francesca and Mattia are here to guide you into the world of Paul Smith, Micheal Kors, Scotch&Soda, and Erika Cavallini, to show you the latest collections of Stella McCartney Kids, and Mini Rodini, to recommend you the best of Ugg, Ash, Mou, but furthermore they are here to introduce their innovative designer collection “Minotaurus“. This shop, a small lounge, is where  one can have fun experimenting with fashion and maximizing various styles to create their very own unique look.



FABULOSITY | Cervinia IconsFABULOSITY on the other hand is a refined “Emporium” dedicated entirely to the feminine world, you may find everything you need (or simply desire) here: the best easy chic brands like Fracomina, footwear, elegant lingerie and tights, and from today even the most prestigious brands of perfume. This little jewel is found under the Piazza Guido Rey arcades. The meticulousness of its elegant details blends with the refined atmosphere decorated by Ilaria. Accessories, and ideas conclude what Fabulosity has to offer, these weeks she is ready to spoil you with new Spring-Summer arrivals.



REMIDA CerviniaHowever, if you’re feeling like the type of accessories you’re looking for are refined, particularly designed and innovative, you may find them at GIOIELLERIA RE MIDA. Here at the heart of Via Carrel are the most brilliant offers of Cervinia. The Pession family not only shows off the great brands such as Daniela de Marchi, Paul Pico, Pesavento, Adami & Martucci but also distinguishes itself for its own instinctive creativity, expressed through their jewelry line. Flashy snowflakes will capture the gaze of those who search for originality. Earrings and keychains  will tell the story of Cervinia and will satisfy those who ask for something fun. Lastly, watches limited edition will answer to those who want exclusivity.
But Valentino is also ready to design your very own jewelry. At the shop or directly at your hotel, you may choose the materials, stones, and design, and bring home a unique object that will endlessly remind you of Breuil.


The same jewelry worn by the White Lady and her lover Gargantua are designed each year by de Remida. The story of the White Lady has distant origins, legend says that there was a love story between the most beautiful woman in the land and a gentle giant, he decided one day to kidnap her and keep her for himself. This was tragic for the people of the land, sorrow filled their hearts, the unbearable sadness however changed the Gargantua’s mind and he brought the beauty back to Cervinia. Each year the tradition is renewed. The lovers remain hidden till the weekend of Carnevale, then they are revealed to the community and the glaring tourists brought here to assist the event, shown on the billboard Historical Carnevale of Breuil Cervinia. A celebration that this year assumes an even more intense meaning because it is simultaneously the 80th anniversary of the Ski School of Cervinia. The show, called “Skiing through time”, has had Ski Instructors from the school as their main focus, and it retraces the fundamental moments in which the sport, born as a means of transportations for hunting, became a beloved activity thanks to some of the most renowned names.


The Loom of Ideas

Weaving fabrics is much like weaving stories.

This philosophy is what transpires through the spaces of the Loom of Ideas, a magical place, in between the laboratory and cultural lounge area, just by the Neck of the Woods, and a few steps from Via Carrel, beneath the clouds and above the Copapan.
MIRCATURA is the name the artists using the area call their creations. The objectives are to recreate the atmosphere and feel of the 50’s and 60’s, to interpret the cues which come from the traditional Cervinia garb, and to adapt the beloved and mimicked mountain style, here the brisk air solicits a virtuous and dynamic look.
In the midst of the chatter and connections, with Cecile you will be able to sit down next to the loom and give form to, and stitch out, one of your ideas. Inspiring you may be the Neck of the Woods that shows us where we come from and where we dream to be. It tell us about the root we have with this limited Earth, about traditions expressed through the fabrics, about a loom that forms Cervinia’s Style“.