The Historic Garb: “Flowers, Sun, Snow… by the enchanting Cervinia”


Discussing the evolution of a town through the History of their Garments, their Fashion (to say it in one word), means representing the upmost difficult task, albeit at the same time one of the most fun subjects a journalist could address. Determining the starting point is nearly impossible because it would mean risking to get lost in the midst of all the historical memories, legends, and narrations. However Cervinia has assigned a name for that specific starting point: Luciana.

A young energetic, visionary, enthusiastic woman, Luciana Albano (originally from Chivasso), encounters haphazardly as a girl the newly opened ski resort of Cervinia, to which she remains astounded. It is not a coincidence, in fact, that she later on picked that resort to frame her wedding with Leo Gasperl (Austrian founder of the Ski School of Cervino), and to reside there for the rest of their lives. Here her style started being inspired by the immaculate nature, and cultural, political and economic vitality which animated Cervinia and which today can still be perceived, Luciana observed and started giving form, spontaneously, to something that soon became known as “Cervinia Style”. She is whom in the immediate post World War II transforms the dark ski suits of the time into color palettes: the blacks, the navy blues, and the grays leave space to a mixture of colors that hint to the flowers found in Aosta Valley, but also hint to more “metropolitan” climates, as the saying goes: fortune favors the bold!

“the city will no longer dictate the fashion trends in the high mountains, but what will happen will be quite the contrary”


Very soon, those around her, understood that thanks to her sensitivity and generosity, this woman was about to positively revolutionize the fashion industry: “the city will no longer dictate the fashion trends in the high mountains, but what will happen will be quite the contrary” (quote A woman, a town, a garment; 2011 ed. L’Eubage).
Cervinia promulgates overflowing elegance, its fashion is never basic and never dusky; it is consciously energetic, merry and ironic, the style was firstly channeled through Luciana Gasperl’s ski suits in Gaberdine (making the style more “fashionable” and waterproof), and afterwards through her Boutique, a reference point for VIPs, social elites and Trend Setters, who often visited Cervinia and whom actively contributed in divulgating Cervinia’s style. Luciana and Leo knew very well that a community’s identity resides in its past, in its roots.
Therefore they understood Cervinia needed its very own Historic Garb, a garb that would talk about herself through its fabrics. “Flowers, sun, snow…by the enchanting Cervinia”, this slogan was designed by Conte Dino Lora Totino from the Cervino Society when launching the garment, it was presented for the first time at the “Ballo dei Giornalisti” (Journalists’ Ball) in 1950, where it received its first prize, and later on after 9 years it was recognized as “official garment of Breuil-Cervinia”…but this is another story that you’ll have to read in Cervinia Icons’ next issue! Keep in touch…