Close your eyes and imagine smelling the scent of the woods, imagine the warmth of a fireplace, the taste of traditional Aosta Valley cuisine dishes prepared with love, made of ancient recipies. Imagine an environment that immediately reminds you of “Alpine Chalet“, where there is perfect harmony amongst every decor, decorated with the right colors, by the people who animate it all. Now open your eyes…welcome to Hotel Bucaneve. A warm smile will receive you. Kindness, availability and good mood will render your experience happy and homey.

The expansive and warm atmosphere, that distinguishes the Hotel, is found in their many services offered to clients who decide to spend their vacation near the Cervino. An excellent restaurant is at your service, able to delite you with a weekly varied menu, and this year you will also find the new “Bucaneve Winery“: a true casket, made of stone and wood, which holds the most prestigious labels in the wine industry. The selection, personally made by the Maquignaz family, offers a prestigious panorama in the world of wine, it proposes more than 120 different blends, all which may accompany cured meats and cheeses of the highest quality from Aosta Valley.



Hotel Bucaneve SPADo not miss the Hotel’s SPA which, like the winery, is also opened to clients not lodging in the hotel. There are available a wide variety of services and treatments, allow them to create an unforgettable experience for you. Let yourself have a moment of relaxation. Starting with a two sauna Hammam, a 32 degrees (Celsius) warm pool, and finishing off with a whirlpool tub. And if after a long day skiing you decide you want to pamper yourself, experts are again at your service to give you specific treatments, and face and body regenerating massages.

Here all is carefully designed for your pleasure!


Pastry on demand

Like in every family environment the sweet aspect could not be missing, the one that recalls to mind a day of festivity, relaxation and sharing. Hotel Bucaneve also has a particular Patisserie Corner, opened 24/7 and ready to answer each and every one of your unavowable desires for sweetness.

A little dessert break in the morning? A pastry as your tasty treat? A sacher “express” as a last minute gift? Whatever your desire may be, here it will be granted, whether you are staying at the Hotel or simply got captured by this innovative service.

This will be the right way to start or end your day, because at Bucaneve a sense of home is in the air.


Pinacotheca at Bucaneve

Hotel Bucaneve Pinacotheca

Claudio Mosele

The masterpieces of Claudio Mosele transform Hotel Bucaneve in a sort of alpinistic art gallery: his paintings talk to the welcoming environment surrounding them, giving life to a festive and folkloristic atmosphere filled with the warmth only few mountain areas can create.

Born in 1963, Claudio discovered his love for painting as a child but started only expressing it after his marriage. His first works were infact created purely for a personal purpose and were exposed only in the Mosele home. His dedication for his art, confined by his free time, started diminishing due to his work. However pushed by his friends, which stumbled upon his creations, he engaged in a new challange, to get his art out in the open. The incredible abilities of Claudio and his unique style are freely inspired by two other artists of Aosta Valley: Italo Mus and Franco Balan.

The subjects in Mosele’s painting depict rural life, starting from the very colors he uses to the traditions of Aosta Valley he represents in his art.  Mosele paints only with his fingers: paint brushes don’t exist for him and neither do palettes. The pastel colors are mixed directly on cardboard where his representation of naive art is joined with experimentation and research only to give life to a collection that today is exposed at Bucaneve, and is explained in a catalogue that came out in December 2015.

New York art critic Nicolas Fox Weber, which amongst his studies he includes the biography of Le Corbusier, noticed these paintings and immediately wrote a heartfelt review on them, where he expressed his approval and admiration towards Claudio Mosele’s works.