Eco maison Aux Pieds du Roi & Restaurant Un Mare di Neve

Since 2016, Aux Pieds du Roi has been on the rise of innovation and constant renewal. The philosophy of the Eco Maison Suite & Spa is to make unforgettable the holiday of those are looking for a relaxing staying, for psychophysical pampering. Built according to the avant-garde architectural philosophy that highlights an eco-sustainable attitude, Aux Pieds du Roi equipping the suites with the latest generation of home automation systems for the control of light and temperature. The heating is guaranteed by a geothermal system and acoustic insulation is perfect. But Lorenzo and Barbara didn’t stop here.

Entering your Eco Maison is an experience that fulfils mind and body. The feeling is similar to entering “at home” and immediately being welcomed by a warm and relaxing atmosphere. What did you think for current winter?

“We will open two new spa suites equipped with the same comforts as the others, but in addition guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic window with breathtaking views of Cervino and the slopes heading to Cretaz and, to make everything even more exclusive, there’s a private spa with sauna and whirlpool. “

Suites are equipped with a kitchenette but, for the largest part of us, holiday means “being away from any usual commitment”

“Yes, of course! Our guests can rely on the room service: it is as if our restaurant, Un Mare di Neve, goes directly to them. Everything we offer on the menu can be ordered from the room-service with a simple phone call. In addition to this, for those who want a quick bite or simply a snack we also have a “snack bar” menu. Guests will then have the chance to enjoy in their room a plate of Italian style sushi, delicious pasta, typical cheeses or our succulent oysters. The choices are endless. If there is no snuggles is not holiday.”

But the innovations are not related only to the suites. Even in the restaurant you can breathe new air…

“A proper revolution. We started a collaboration with “L’Acquerello” of Fagnano Olona, in the province of Varese. It is a restaurant with a Michelin Star, run by Silvio Salmoiraghi and Choi Cheulhyeuk. With them we have created our new kitchen staff. Today, in the kitchen, we have Jessica Gussoni, 29-year-old chef who gave the first shape to the menu, studying with Salmoiraghi and Cheulhyeuk some incredible dishes. Next to her there is Andrea Silva, while the dessert menu is designed and created by Elen Faustinelli”.

A young and dynamic staff.

“Young and dynamic but also very skilled. The menu often varies, it is designed according to the fresh products that nature offers, providing balanced combinations to create a gastronomic journey based on a healthy and fine cuisine. Our “core” ingredient is always the fish. Alongside this, there are also very tasty vegetable and meat suggestions. Everyone can then find their favourite dish.”

At this point, let us dream: what should we absolutely try?

“Octopus Giuliana’s Style is delicious. Then we have special ravioli, and you must taste the Judean-style artichoke is also superb”.

…and to end up in the best way? Well, in the sweetest way?”

“…come and join us (laughs)”

Eco maison Aux Pieds du Roi & Restaurant Un Mare di Neve