Un mare di neve

Exclusive. Unmissable. Unique.

Nature for body and mind wellness.

Vacationing means regenerating.

Relaxing, being in touch with nature, the warmth of the sun, and the uncontaminated air at 2000 meters above sea level – are just some elements that have inspired the atmosphere recreated within Eco Maison Aux Pied du Roi. This is an elegant and welcoming space, which focuses on wrapping its hosts with complete spontaneous relaxation.

The same concept of the design and mission was transferred also to the mood of the newly opened restaurant, inaugurated the 23rd of December 2017.

“Un Mare di Neve” (translated: A Sea of Snow) is the first fish restaurant that includes an entirely vegetarian menu. The restaurant, as said before, captures the philosophy of Aux Pied du Roi, which is concentrated on the psychophysical wellness of individuals – concept that is strongly connected to a healthy diet. Curating the combinations between appetizers, entrées, and main courses, are chefs: Christian Turra and Alessandro Donadello, both 23 and brilliant stove alchemists.

The veggy-dishes, suchasspaghetto di barbabietola, toma e mostacciolo (spaghetti, beetroot, toma, and mostaccioli), are accompanied by variazione di carciofo (artichokevariation). For those who love fish, they propose octopus curled by hand in rooibos on potato and spinach mousse or risotto “Riserva San Massimo” al Barbaresco e dentice del Meditterraneo(risotto and snapper). Does it sound strange to you to eat fish at 2000m asl? Maybe you’ll reconsider knowing it comes directly from the Ligurian Sea freshly fished that day.

Interaction is another characteristic of the place: the grand open plan kitchen proposes eggs and omelets for breakfast while in the evening animates the area with show cooking.

The environment is welcoming and discrete, and its rarity is rendered tangible by the presence of colored tiles of Vietri, by the Indonesian hand-painted sealing of the 19th century, and by the great iron chimney – made by a local craftsman.

Another carefully designed item is the champagne selection, of 60 brands from big to small producers; however, the wine selection has both white and red options from the Italian tradition.

“Un Mare di Neve” offers suites from the Eco Maison Aux Pied du Roi with a sophisticated room service and various options of international cuisine.

Via C. Pellissier, 4, 11021 Breuil-Cervinia,
Valtournenche (AO)
  (+39) 0166 940208