Lo Copapan Bar et Cuisine

A bar. A restaurant. A terrace. A loom.
Simply the universe of Possible Worlds.

Territory of new encounters. The place where time expands, the flavours of the kitchen are genuine, the smiles of the staff are wide. Old stories that want to be told. New ideas awaiting an arm to hold onto.

Weave the fabric of your fantasies! That’s what the loom is for.

Savour the chance to let go: find your space.

A Peter Pan journey. For fearless hearts. For sensitive people. The prelude marks the suggestion. The step impresses your curiosity. Kitchen is a beautiful metaphor for life: mix what you have and do your best to reach the ultimate goal.

Dreams are made for courageous people.

From the Mad Hatter’s cylinder interpretations of the possible worlds come out: chocolate meets the gods of Bosco Riposto (at Chicco’s). The shrimp jump in the bagna cauda and mulled wine soaks the fillet. Evolved colours, for hungry exploration palates.

So far Taste and Smell were the protagonists.

Touch waits impatiently to crawl upstairs to touch the loom. Without getting pricked. Here, there are no spindles for sleeping beauties but fabrics following the silhouette of your imagination.

Figurine. Dummy. Sweater. To wait? A sacrilege, worthy of regret.

Madame Vue! Excuse moi. We have neglected you. (Not entirely). If you are still here it is because the coloursconquered you and the mad hatter intrigued you.

But now it is your moment: the view demands the scene.

The stage of ultra-terrain theatre is there, at the foot of the Matterhorn, raised above the landscape. Look up. The gods visited us and ran among the branches of the birches belonging to who knows what quarter of the world. Dance madame, let you be carried by the notes coming here from the piano bar… And what is that? It always runs around the Copapan …

“Il Beccano”

What’s a“beccano”?

An imaginary bird. He lives in the worlds of Lo Copapan, which is a real planetary system. Each planet is connected to one another. Each idea illuminates and reflects light on the other. Step by step, the path becomes clear. And you don’t need a map.

But what are these worlds?

Imagine getting into a place never seen before but feeling right at home. Your gaze falls on the colors. The kitchen scents surround you. The manoush guitar beats the rhythm. And then the bar, the fireplace, the Loom of Ideas, the Riposto Wood. Fantasy. Emotion.

Where does the Beccano live?

Everyone: itis the one guiding you.

What does a beccano look like? I want recognize it!

It has rabbit ears, sparrow beak, flamingo legs and a pheasant’s collar. It’s pink. Eats only spinach.

And what are the long ears for?

To listen to The Copapan Ensamble.

The first CD signed “Lo Copapan Ensamble” is one of the latest creations of this sensory universe. Now the hearing can indulge to the instrumental trio. Bonjour Baguette and Africa’s original notes blend with the covers. Listen to believe. Ask to the Beccano.