Baci di Cervinia

The Baci di Cervinia are a specialty of Birdy Bakery, they are made with an old family recipe. Here you can explore their different flavors: “classici” being dark chocolate, “bianchi” being white chocolate, and “golosi” being with a coco mix.



  400 g of flour 00
  300 g of butter
  300 g of sugar
  150 g of triturated hazelnuts
  150 gr of triturated almonds
  40 gr of powdered coco (for those with a sweet tooth) dark chocolate
  white chocolate

  Work the butter and sugar, add the flour mixed in hazelnuts, almonds and salt (for those who choose “golosi” powdered coco is added aswell); let the mix rest in the fridge for half an hour.

  With a round (3cm diameter) cookie cutter portion the mix on a ½cm thick sheet. Cook the “baci” on a preheated oven plate at 180°C for 12 minutes. Melt the two different chocolates separately; lay on one half of the “baci” a layer of chocolate, and cover the other half by lightly putting pressure; decorate with the same chocolate used as filling.

  For gluten-free users, the “baci” can be prepared by replacing the flour with 50% rice flour and 50% buckwheat flour.

Birdy Bakery Bar

Something yummy whenever you feel hungry

For over a year, at the entrance of the town there is a place that represents true innovation in food & beverage in Cervinia: “Birdy Bakery Bar, Casual Food & Wine”.

This eclectic local gives out a sense of home thanks to its particularly welcoming environment. The bar invites its clients to taste its many offers: from an early breakfast, available at 7am, to snacks, from pre-dinners, which at the Bakery are miniature dinners, to simply relaxing or meditating on a good glassof wine oron a grole, tasting some of the Bakery’s chocolate.

The bar also has a specialized bakery in oven savory products – focaccia Genovese of various types, such as pizzas, farinata, cheese focaccia – and sweet products such as high quality biscuits and pies, the bakery is also extremely careful with any intolerance problems.

Furthermore, this bakery offers “casual food” from morning till closing hours, a typical use of Cervinia. This means that treats like crepes, crostini, stuffed focaccias, and cured meats and cheeses are always available. Also, they offer soups, big salads, and unique plates. All of this is served indoors or on their sunny terrace.

Their winery with more than 90 brands and their wide range of beers give their clients a chance to find the right bottle to combine with their meal.

This local is not a restaurant, but an opportunity of wonderful taste each time you are hungry, or whenever you want something good, which you will easily find here thanks to the bar’s quality, genuineness and freshness. Essential ingredients for a rigorous homemade production.

BIRDY BAKERY – Via Guido Rey 17 – 11021 Cervinia (AO) Italia

Tel. +39 366 4005350

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