Caffè alla Valdostana

“Whoever doesn’t drink in company is either a thief or a spy”. This is a very ancient italian saying that you can easily combing with the latin aphorism “in vino veritas”. Those are two different way to tall you the same idea: if you wanna hide something to someone let’s stay away from alcohol and its ability to reset your boundaries whatsoever.

People from Aosta Valley are very confident and believe in friendship and loyalty. It is not coincidence that in this country, is born a very strong tradition: we mean to drink all together by the same bowl call, for this reason, Cup of Friendship (Coppa dell’amicizia). How to use this amazing and traditional artefact will be explain into the following pages but now let’s focus on the content: the super tasty and perfumed Caffè alla Valdostana…but before to prepare it don’t forget: get the kids to bed.


  4 small cup of coffe
  2 small cup of Grappa or Genepì
  8 teaspoons of sugar
  Some lemon zest
  Some spieces like cinnamon, cloves, juniper berry

Coppa dell’amicizia

Coppa dell’amicizia



ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Put in a small pot liquors, sugar, lemon zest, some dops of orange juice and all spieces.

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Warm it on the fire until the sugar will be melted. Wet all nozzles of Coppa dell’amicizia and put on some sugar.

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Pour your hot “melted coffe” inside the Coppa dell’Amicizia and set fire. Don’t be scared. When the fire will be put out you must cover the Coppa and just wait few minutes.

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Ok, it’s ready. At the end take a seat in circle close each other and pass one to one the Coppa: you cannot be sure you get always the same nozzle that is thereason why they call it “Cup of Friendship”: you have to drink this coffe only with “confidence peolpe”. Toast