Crespelle alla Valdostana

The Athlete’s dish

Were big airbags and half pipes your lunch?
Have you pushed through kilometers of snowshoeing?
After hundreds of curves and turns, do you feel the need for a boost of energy?
The crespelle alla Valdostana is a complete traditional dish, able to settle any arguments!
Not only does it combine carbohydrates, protein, and fat but, additionally, it is the most flavored and tasty meal you could eat after an intense mountain day.


Ingredients For the crespelle:

1 cup of milk;
100 gr of flour;
2 eggs;
A dredge of salt and pepper;

Ingredients For the filling:

100 gr of cooked ham;
150 gr of Fontina DOP;
50 gr of Parmigiano Reggiano;


ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Whisk the eggs and add salt, pepper and sieved flour until you obtain a homogeneous and fluid mixture to cook (by the spoonful) in a non-stick round pan.

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Fill each crepes, thus obtained, with a slice of cooked ham and fontina.

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Close them forming a fan shape, and carefully place them in a greased oven dish.

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Cover it all with slightly liquid béchamel and sprinkle Parmigiano Reggiano.

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Gratinate it in the oven at 180° until the surface is golden.

ICO-COOK-HAT-30  Serve while warm after an intense sporting day.


Casa dello SportLa Casa dello Sport Bar & Restaurant

Il ritrovo per gli amanti della Montagna

A restaurant fit for all.

A point of reference for true sports enthusiasts who visit and love Cervinia.

This place is a testimony of architect Carlo Mollino‘s creative genius, starting from the 40’s he transformed Cervinia in his inventive laboratory.

Since 1938, the Casa dello Sport has been hosting athletes, skiers, world-wide champions, golf players, and all those wanting to eat genuine foods and experience this wholesome warm welcoming environment. The mountains have a meaning of skiing, walks, outdoor activity but also of “healthy otium”, here at the Casa dello Sport, managed by a dynamic staff and lead by Daniele, are able to connect all of these elements.  On the dehor, with view of the Grand Murailles, the deck chairs, faux fur blankets and brazier create the perfect ambience for an aperitif or welcome cocktail. The indoor areas, warmed by the fireplace, are able to hold 120 people.

The menu offers Aosta Valley culinary traditions, accompanied by tasty side dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine and an abundant wine list.

Here you will additionally find a maxi-screen TV, SKY TV and, for the sports associations, all types of support management systems.

Furthermore, the Casa dello Sport is a Rossignol Test Center, offering the possibility to try the latest hard and software equipment of the Gruppo enterprise on the slopes.

This restaurant serves as an authentic environment, a location that functions as a community center for friendly and vibrant experiences, and as a “pre trip” lunch or relaxed dinner.


  Phone: 0166 949384
  Cell: +39 338 6598806
  Address: Via circonvallazione 18, cervinia

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